Do Seniors Need Life Insurance?

Once we reach a certain age, we may believe that we no longer need life insurance – after all the house may be paid off, the kids have grown, and we are not worried about living expenses or paying off debts if we should pass away.

But did you know that life insurance isn’t necessarily the same as “death insurance” – which is really what it is! Traditional life insurance protects those we love in the event of a pre-mature death. But a properly designed life insurance policy can provide tax advantages and other benefits that can be used during your life!

Policies can be designed to meet a specific need such as funding for college (on a tax-free basis), create a source for lifetime income, or simply knowing that your beneficiaries can inherit an account without worrying the Uncle Sam will coming knocking on their door to get his share!

Contact us today to learn how you can best leverage this under-utilized asset class to create wealth and benefits that can be used DURING your life – rather than only as “death insurance.”

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