Articles for Seniors

A Former AARP members opinion - I recently joined AARP in my early 60's, after years of having turned down membership offered to me constantly in the mail for over a decade, since before I was 50.  I had been misinformed by various sources representing AARP as a non-partisan organization advocating for the interests of senior citizens, who receive free gifts for joining, plus discounts on products and services including insurance policies, financial planning, health information, hotels, restaurants, etc.   read more

Alzheimer’s Disease, Representatives Blunt & Murray, and Neighbor George - Last week my neighbor George and I struck up one of those ‘neighborly’ conversations between our driveways. A conversation where it is usually the lesser of the one in age doing a lot of nodding strictly out of respect for the older conversationalist. George had a stroke five years ago at age 84. His parting proclamation to me was, “Tom, getting old isn’t for the weak!” By the way, he has lived exceptionally healthy after his stroke. But what if George was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)   read more

AARP – a Social Welfare Organization? - This article asks the question as to how political, or better yet how partisan, do we want social agencies known as SWO (social welfare organizations) to become.  Definitions and examples as to what SWOs become involved with in terms of political activities, especially those of the AARP are provided.   read more